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Looking for an app to help you de-stress, meditate deeply, or fall asleep? If so, you might want to check out Calm. This health & fitness app provides users with the help they need to wind down and relax. In fact, Calm is one of the most popular mobile apps for meditation and falling asleep. Below, we will go over the features of Calm so you can decide whether this app might help quiet your mind.

Calm provides content that allows you to enjoy meditation sessions to help you fall asleep. The sessions vary in length, so anyone can find the time that works for them. Calm is reasonably priced, has an array of pleasant background sounds, and offers access to lots of narrators.

Calm is similar to applications like Headspace. The Calm application is available for iPhone or Android devices and has 4.8 stars in the App Store. Calm also has more than 1 million users worldwide. The founders of Calm are Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith. Both of these app developers have a deep, personal appreciation for meditation.

Calm has high-quality content for a range of users. The cost of using the Calm app is around $69.99 per year. However, many sales and special offers are available periodically for new users. Some members can even get 40% off if they have never used the app before. Otherwise, the Calm app has a monthly subscription for $14.99. With the free trial, you can get unlimited access to the content of the Calm app for up to one week. After the one-week trial period, your account will automatically subscribe to annual Calm content access.

Calm Features

One of the most popular features of the Calm application is called Daily Calm. Daily Calm is a series of meditation sessions that are constantly updated and focus on different aspects of calmness and mindfulness. These sessions are great for beginners or people who are more advanced in meditating. Every day, these sessions are updated to give you a fresh way to stay mindful and improve your mental health.

You can also find several programs centered around celebrities, athletes, or specific subjects on the Calm platform. Many celebrities on Calm share their mental health and mindfulness journeys. For example, LeBron James offers a Calm series called Training Your Mind. The Calm application also has numerous soundscapes. These soundscapes range from natural sounds like "Rain" and "Woods" to man-made sounds like "Coffee Shop". Many of these sounds can not be accessed in the free trial version but are available through purchase.

Calm has a wide selection of content with a lot of variety. Users will find narrations ranging from stories and anecdotes to self-help and athletic advice. Camila Cabello even leads a series that allows you to follow her mindfulness journey, which creates broad appeal for users from all walks of life.

When you first open the Calm mobile application, you will create a profile and identify key areas of interest, which allows you to customize the way that Calm caters to your needs. You will also find child-specific content on Calm in a section called calm kids. Here, you can access scores of bedtime stories appropriate for all ages.

Key Features of the Calm App:

  • *Mobile application for meditation, relaxation, and sleep
  • *Wide variety of content
  • *Android and iOS compatible
  • *Meditation and mindfulness tool
  • *Relaxation sessions for sleep
  • *Developed by two meditation enthusiasts
  • *Has a 4.8-star rating



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