The Best Lifestyle Apps of 2022

Updated: 23 May 2022 1:13 PM PDT
Posted: 3 Feb 2022 4:23 PM PST

The Best Lifestyle Apps of 2022


Want to track your steps and fitness goals? Perhaps you are looking for a new friend or significant other? Maybe you're planning a wedding and need inspiration and ideas? Well, there is an app for just about anything, including the unique facets that make up your lifestyle.

But, what exactly is a lifestyle app?

As mentioned above, the term "lifestyle" is broad and unique to each person. Generally, a lifestyle app supports and enhances one or more specific aspects of your life directly on your smartphone. A few prominent examples are dating apps, fitness apps, and real estate apps. Odds are, you're using several lifestyle apps as part of your day-to-day routine.

But, what apps will make the biggest impact on your life?

To help narrow down your search, here are some of the best lifestyle apps 2022 has to offer!


Pinterest is a free image sharing and social media platform in which you can customize "boards" with various pictures that represent your interests, projects, or desires. The images, which you can upload or link from other sites, are called "pins," which you can organize into lists, themes, or categories, or if you prefer, completely at random. Pinterest allows you to follow your friends' boards and "re-pin" their ideas onto your own.

Have a birthday coming up and want to make a wish list for your friends and family? Create a board and pins showing off the gifts you want. Are you planning a tropical vacation? Put all of your ideas for tours and activities on a new board. Pinterest can become a bit addictive and sometimes give you unrealistic expectations in your life, but as long as you don't let yourself get carried away, it's a fun and practical app.

1000 Hours Outside

Do you ever find yourself spending too much time indoors? Sunshine and fresh air are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, with work and the convenience of at-home entertainment, the couch can be rather tempting. With 1000 Hours Outside, developed by Team Yurich LLC, you can motivate yourself to get out in nature more consistently. The app is pretty simple; it features a timer, which you start whenever you go outside. The timer will continue running in the background as long as you're out and continually track your cumulative hours.

You can check your history whenever you want and see how you're progressing. As you hit more time milestones, you'll earn cool little badges, which you can share with your friends on Facebook and Instagram. The 1000 Hours Outside app costs $2.99, and it feels like a fair price for such a simple concept.


If you've ever dabbled in online dating, you've probably heard of Tinder. Tinder is perhaps the most well-known dating app in existence, to the point that the phrase "swiping right/left" has entered the cultural lexicon. With Tinder, you can find friends, casual encounters, or meaningful romantic connections. Start by creating a profile with personal photos and info. You select the demographics you want to match with, and you go through one profile at a time, choosing to either swipe right (like) or left (pass). If you and another person both swipe right on each other's profiles, you'll have a "match," and the two of you can begin chatting.

If you see someone that really catches your eye, you can "super like" their profile to show your interest. You only have a set number of likes and super likes per day, but you can upgrade to Tinder Gold for unlimited likes and several extra features. Unless you spring for the premium membership, Tinder is free to use.


Stylebook, developed by left brain / right brain, LLC and available for $3.99, is one of the most comprehensive style and fashion apps you'll ever find. Inside the app, which has a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing interface, you can import your clothes, create outfits, plan what to wear, and learn all about the different pieces of your wardrobe.

The handy app has all sorts of useful features. You can organize your virtual closet by brand, fabric, color, or style, create packing lists for vacations, shop for new clothes online, get style advice from experts, and much more. Stylebook packs a ton of functionality into a relatively inexpensive package, and it's worth the money for anyone who takes pride in how they dress.

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals

If you're looking to buy, sell, or rent a home, Zillow is a must-have app. The free real estate app allows you to take 3D virtual home tours, explore high-quality photos, sort and browse tons of listings. Zillow utilizes Zestimate, which is the industry-leading home valuation tool, so you'll always have the peace of mind that you're receiving a fair value on any transaction. If you've got your eye on a specific property, you can set up push notifications to alert you when it comes to market or drops in price. Zillow also offers you convenient access to quality local real estate agents, who are always available to answer your questions and assist you.

The only downside to Zillow is that its home valuation tool is somewhat limited and doesn't always consider unique or specialized property features. Overall, though, this handy real estate app makes dealing with property transactions infinitely more convenient.

Tattoo Fonts - design your text tattoo

Any connoisseur of tattoos has been in this situation once or twice: you know you want some new ink, but you're struggling to get started on the design process. The Tattoo Fonts - design your text tattoo app, which costs only $1.99, offers an excellent starting point for creating your next word-based piece of body art. The app features around 150 of the most popular tattoo fonts, and you can browse and sample all of them.

Using the app is pretty simple; you select the font and size you want to see displayed and type out whatever you want it to say. Just like that, you'll have a highly detailed sample of what that tattoo will look like on your skin. If you find something you like, you can show it to your preferred artist and have them reproduce it. It would be nice if the app integrated more than just text-based tats, but it's still plenty useful for the price.


Bumble, like Tinder, is a popular dating app in which you create a profile, browse other users' profiles, and swipe either right or left in hopes of finding matches. The free dating platform has a twist, though; on Bumble, when a man and woman match, the conversation can only happen if the woman chooses to start it. Unfortunately, women getting harassed or bombarded on dating apps is far too common, so Bumble was created with their protection in mind. In heterosexual matches, the woman has 24 hours to make a move before the match expires; in same-sex matches, either person can make the first move during that timeframe.

In addition to dating, Bumble also allows you to change to either "BFF" or "Bizz" mode, in which you can search for friends or business associates, respectively. Bumble has a great concept, and although the 24-hour ticking clock can be a bit restrictive, it offers you quite a bit for a free app.


Developed by OLIVESTONE Lab, MOODA is an app that allows you to record, track, and share your moods and feelings on a day-to-day basis. Keeping track of your emotional trends and tendencies is an excellent tool for understanding yourself and noticing useful patterns. For example, if you check MOODA and realize that you've been in a good mood for two weeks straight, and it started right when you started that new exercise routine, you'll know that it's having a positive effect. Alternatively, maybe you'll notice that you've been bummed out for an extended period and need to make a change.

MOODA costs only $0.99, and it's up to you how in-depth your mood-tracking is. You can select the emoji that fits your mood for the day, or you can take the time to write a more detailed journal entry to go with it. If you'd like, you can also connect with friends on the app and share your moods to let them know how you're doing. It would be nice if MOODA had a few more interactive features, but it's affordable and serves its purpose well.

Lifestyle Apps for Everyone

The term 'lifestyle' encompasses a wide range of activities and needs unique to each person. Lifestyle apps can enhance many areas of your life by saving you time and keeping you organized. Many of the best lifestyle apps are free, and most of the paid ones only cost a few bucks; almost none of them are prohibitively expensive. These days, any time you ask, "Is there an app for that?" the answer is probably yes. Day-to-day life has never been more convenient, so why not make the most of it?


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