The Best Music Streaming Apps of 2022

Updated: 6 Jun 2022 1:21 PM PDT
Posted: 6 Jun 2022 1:02 PM PDT

10 Music Apps for Any Music Fan

Music Apps

For many people, music is life. And thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to rely on the radio or carry around a CD player or iPod to listen to your favorite tunes on the go. Nowadays, as long as you have a smartphone, all the albums and playlists you love are at your fingertips. But with so many music apps available, which one should be your go-to choice? From curated playlists to karaoke parties, here are ten fantastic music streaming apps to help you get your groove on!

1. Pandora: Music & Podcasts

Pandora: Music & Podcasts App

The Pandora: Music & Podcasts app has been one of the most popular music streaming platforms for years, and that kind of longevity doesn't happen without good reason. Pandora is an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand their musical tastes and discover new songs and artists. With this music app, you can create custom stations based on your favorite genres, artists, or songs and Pandora will find tons of music that matches your tastes. Users can also discover and stream new podcasts, check out the most recent releases, and utilize the many personalization options to ensure the app caters to your preferences. If you upgrade to Pandora Premium, you'll gain the ability to stream your favorite music and podcasts on-demand, create your own playlists, download songs for offline listening, and much more.

Try Pandora: Music & Podcasts on your iOS | Android device now!

2. YouTube Music

YouTube Music App

While YouTube is primarily known for video content, did you know that it also has a great music streaming platform? The YouTube Music app features over 70 million songs and a massive selection of live performances, covers, remixes, and other music content only available through the YouTube Music app. You can create personalized playlists and mixes for different activities, explore the current top music charts from all over the world, and even display song lyrics so that you can always sing along with your favorite songs. The YouTube Music app also makes it easy to search for specific styles of music, offering options to filter based on mood and genre. These are just a handful of the many great features of the free music streaming platform.

Try YouTube Music on your iOS | Android device now!

3. Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts

Is there any service that Amazon doesn't offer? There might be a few, but music streaming certainly isn't one of them. For anyone with an Amazon Prime membership, the Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts app offers over two million hand-curated songs, ad-free music streaming, unlimited skips, offline listening, and millions of podcast episodes spanning an eclectic mix of genres. If you upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, these features get kicked up a notch. Unlimited members enjoy access to 90 million ad-free, on-demand songs, the hottest new releases, music videos, Ultra HD remastered albums, the highest quality streaming audio available, and much more.

Try Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts on your iOS | Android device now!

4. SoundCloud - Music & Audio

SoundCloud - Music & Audio App

The SoundCloud - Music & Audio app is slightly different than your typical music streaming app. Unlike other high-profile music platforms, SoundCloud is a place where anyone can upload their own audio, build a following, and connect with their fans and other artists. Due to the opportunity that the app offers amateur artists, many fantastic musicians have built fanbases and become successful through uploading their music to SoundCloud. If you're only looking to listen to some great music, you can access the app's diverse catalog of artists and songs, discover hidden gems, explore the charts for the best music and podcasts, create playlists, and listen to songs not found in any other app. Plus, you can even connect with artists and listeners from around the globe.

Try SoundCloud - Music & Audio on your iOS | Android device now!

5. iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts

iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts App

The iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts app is a platform for streaming music, podcasts, and radio stations, all built into one free app for your mobile device. iHeartRadio allows users to stream numerous AM and FM radio stations both in your area and worldwide. That includes a variety of sports radio stations, including ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and FNTSY Sports Radio. The app also allows users to stream tons of the most popular podcasts and download episodes for offline listening. And last but not least, the top-notch music streaming app features thousands of hand-curated playlists, a Weekly Mixtape personalized just for you, and a variety of free artist stations. If you upgrade to a premium membership, you can create unlimited playlists and stream your favorite tunes on-demand.

Try iHeart: #1 for Radio, Podcasts on your iOS | Android device now!

6. TIDAL Music

TIDAL Music App

Since TIDAL Music launched in 2014, it has cemented itself as a top-tier option for listening to your favorite tracks in exceptionally high quality. As a free user of TIDAL, you'll have access to millions of songs with crisp, sharp sound. If you upgrade to TIDAL HiFi, you'll unlock the ability to listen to over 90 million songs online and offline, link the app to numerous other devices, and watch more than 450,000 music videos. Plus, a TIDAL HiFi Plus plan is available, which lets users stream their music in several immersive audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, MQA, and 360 Reality Audio.

Try TIDAL Music on your iOS | Android device now!

7. Spotify - Music and Podcasts

Spotify - Music and Podcasts App

In 2022, Spotify - Music and Podcasts continues to be one of the most popular music streaming apps on the planet, and once you've used it, you'll understand why. The music streaming app is home to just about every song, artist, and podcast you can think of, and free users can listen to any playlist, album, or musical artist on shuffle mode. For a nominal monthly fee, though, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium. Upgraded users can listen to any song or podcast on-demand and on any connected device. They can also listen to all of their favorites ad-free, offline, and with excellent sound quality. While playlists and radio stations are great, sometimes you get one specific track in your head and have to hear it. During those times, being a premium Spotify user certainly comes in handy. Once you've used Spotify for a while, the app will also curate several personalized playlists, including your favorite artists and artists you're likely to enjoy.

Try Spotify - Music and Podcasts on your iOS | Android device now!

8. TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports

TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports App

While TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports is a quality platform for streaming music, it's also much more. In addition to its diverse variety of music stations that users can stream, the app offers a variety of local, national, and global stations for both news and sports. Through TuneIn Radio, you can easily stream CNN, MSNBC, FOX News Radio, NPR, BBC, and tons of MLB, NFL, NHL, and college sports talk. You can also find many of your favorite podcasts and over 100,000 internet radio stations from all over the world. While all of that content is 100% free, upgraded TuneIn Radio users get access to even more. With a premium membership, you can also use the platform to stream live sports, news with fewer ad breaks, and commercial-free music. Who needs a radio when you can tune in on your smartphone?

Try TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports iOS | Android device now!

9. Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke

Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke App

The Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke app is unique compared to the other music streaming apps on this list. For any karaoke fan or singer, Sing! is a must-have app, as it offers the ability to sing along with the lyrics of more than ten million songs. You can sing karaoke solo, in a duet, group, or in acapella. Or, you can listen to another amateur singer's recordings instead. The Sing! app lets you record your performances with or without video, add studio-quality effects to enhance your audio, add video effects and filters, and display your talent to millions of other music lovers. Almost every genre and known artist you could imagine is on the karaoke platform, including Disney songs and many classic tunes. You can even sing a duet with a Disney princess! In truth, these features only represent a small percentage of what Smule has to offer, and if you like belting out your favorite songs, you've got to give the unique app a try.

Try Smule: Sing & Record Karaoke on your iOS | Android device now!

10. Haochang Party

Haochang Party (全民Party) App

Speaking of great karaoke apps, another one worth checking out is Haochang Party (全民Party). The fun-filled music app allows users to have their very own personal karaoke parties in customized singing rooms. You can add special room skins to your party spot, host all-day thematic karaoke parties, and have real-time text chat and voice interactions with other users worldwide. The Haochang Party app also includes several novel features to spice up your karaoke singing, such as flashy outfits and costumes, word-based games, and more. This app is unique, silly, and a great way to interact with your friends and lots of other karaoke lovers.

Try Haochang Party on your iOS | Android device now!

Different Apps for Different Preferences

As you can see, each of these music apps brings its own unique features and content to the table, and in truth, you can't go wrong with any of them. One app might be the perfect choice when you're craving a specific song, while another app may be better when you want to discover new artists or listen to a thematic radio station. They all have a lot to offer, though, and they can all help you enjoy a little music every day.


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