The Best Apps for Kids in 2022

Updated: 9 Jul 2022 3:57 PM PDT
Posted: 9 Jul 2022 3:41 PM PDT

Top 10 Apps for Kids in 2022

Kids Apps

Today, mobile technology is a part of everyday life. With young children accessing various devices, we must do all we can to expose them to age-appropriate, high-quality content that keeps them engaged and enlightened.

Read on to learn about ten of the best mobile apps for your kids to try in 2022.

1. Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World is a playful education app that gives kids the opportunity to explore their creativity by building unique stories. Users can integrate all of the previous Toca Life apps into Toca Life: World, allowing them to create fun, silly situations using various locations and characters. It is all about using your imagination and allows kids to watch their created scenarios get brought to life. The free version of the app features eight locations and 39 characters. However, if you want even more possibilities, pay to unlock over 100 locations, 500 characters, and 500 pets in the in-app store. With Toca Life: World, the sky is the limit with the adorable stories kids can create.


ABCmouse is an award-winning learning program and one of the best educational apps for kids between the ages of 2 and 8, which covers the subjects of reading, math, art, music, and more. Created by teachers and educational experts, the ABCmouse app features more than 10,000 engaging learning activities to keep children interested and attentive. The learning platform includes thousands of books, puzzles, videos, games, songs, and animations. When you set your child up with the app, they'll be able to create a customizable avatar, room, hamster, and pet park. They'll move through different levels, lessons, and activities, and you'll be able to track and monitor their learning progress.

3. Epic!


Getting your kids excited about reading isn't always easy. However, the Epic! might be the perfect tool for the job. Epic! is a digital reading platform designed for kids aged 12 and under that aims to ignite their passion for reading by providing a customized library based on their interests. The iOS and Android app feature over 40,000 popular books, thousands of interactive learning videos, lots of great audiobooks, and even a bunch of reading material in other languages. The Epic! app offers kids personalized recommendations based on their reading levels and interests, and as they progress, they'll earn badges and rewards to keep them motivated.

4. Kiddopia


Many of the best education apps work by convincing kids that they're playing a game. If the app feels too much like being in school, they might not be as engaged or interested. That's why Kiddopia is such an effective learning tool. This awesome kids' app boasts over 1,000 play-based learning activities that will entertain your kids and educate them on various subjects. Kiddopia's educational games combine skill-building activities, playfulness, and the essential topics of a quality preschool curriculum. The topics covered include math, language, creativity, self-expression, roleplaying, and more. With the Kiddopia iOS and Android app, your little ones will be genuinely excited to learn!



If young children enjoy Nickelodeon, they'll love the NOGGIN preschool learning app. This subscription-based educational platform prominently features the many Nick Jr. characters that kids know and love, which will immediately draw them in and get them engaged. This unique app allows kids to embark on learning adventures to explore subjects like math, science, music, literacy, manners, and more. NOGGIN offers a vast library of eBooks, learning games, activities, exclusive shorts, and over 1,000 ad-free episodes of preschool favorites like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Blue's Clues. With such a massive selection of fun, educational content, the iOS and Android app will provide your kids with countless hours of learning and enjoyment!



Another fantastic learning app for kids aged 2 to 8 is Lingokids, which provides a "Playlearning" experience to teach literacy, numeracy, creativity, collaboration, communication, and mindfulness. The education app is incredibly intuitive, utilizing interactive activities, videos, songs, and games that adapt to the user's ability level and learning speed. The modern learning platform contains more than 700 learning activities across over 60 subjects. Lingokids also features a variety of lovable characters that young kids can easily connect with, such as Lisa the cat, Cowy, and Billy the chick. And with this iOS and Android app, all the activities are curated by a Board of Educators and Oxford University Press, so you know you can rely on their efficacy.

7. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

While most of the apps on this list are focused on education, Bloons TD 6 is just about having a good time—with a healthy dose of strategy mixed in as well. Bloons TD 6 is a level-based game in which you must defend your map against Bloon invaders. You can do so by wisely utilizing your Monkey Towers, Heroes, upgrades, and abilities, which you can deploy strategically to fend off your enemies. You can play through the game on your own, or you can play any map or game mode with up three other players. The game also features Boss Events for extra challenges and a special Odyssey game mode with themed sets of connected maps. Bloons TD 6 is fun not only for kids of all ages but for adults as well!

8. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

For some children, verbal communication is a challenging process to learn. Fortunately, various speech learning apps can help kids through the formative experience. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy is a voice-controlled speech therapy app designed to help your child learn new words and sounds. The trusted platform allows kids to practice their newfound speaking ability in an engaging, stimulating environment. The iOS and Android app feature more than 1,500 exercises, activities, videos, and games to help your young child learn. There are also a variety of fun face filters and kid-friendly animal characters to make the learning process more enjoyable. Speech Blubs: Language Therapy is perfect for all children between the ages of 1 and 8.

9. Boomerang


Boomerang is an absolute must-download if you want to introduce your kid to cult classic cartoons. This app contains over 5,000 iconic WB cartoons and movies, including classics like Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Garfield, and many others. You don't even need a cable subscription to watch; you can start with a free 7-day trial and then sign up for only $5.99 a month. In addition to the vast selection of classic cartoons, Boomerang provides users with exclusive access to various originals. Plus, you or your kids can watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoons on the go by downloading the app on your iOS or Android device!



HOMER is an essential early learning program that helps kids aged 2 to 8 build skills for school and life. The app will take your child on an engaging, personalized learning journey to boost their confidence and expand their horizons. HOMER features playful learning activities covering reading, math, social-emotional learning, creativity, thinking skills, and more. To keep kids interested and fully invested, the app uses hundreds of fun stories and characters, including classic tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Thomas the Train. And the evidence shows that HOMER works with stats that show it increases early reading scores by 74%. The iOS and Android app also offer a variety of additional resources for parents, such as expert learning tips, videos, and activities.

These Apps Make Education Fun

Every child has different interests and needs, making their early learning journey unique. With so many amazing kids' apps now available, it's easy to keep kids engaged by making education fun and exciting. With all these fantastic learning apps, your kids will often forget they're even learning because it will feel more like playing a game or interacting with silly characters.


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