The Best Mobile Games of 2022

Updated: 23 May 2022 1:13 PM PDT
Posted: 10 Feb 2022 8:08 PM PST

2022's Best Mobile Games

Remember when the only way to play video games was to plop down in front of your TV or computer? Boy, how times have changed. These days, most of us carry around a tiny little game system in our pocket at all times. Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm over the last decade, and the incredible selection of available games keeps growing and growing.

Mobile Games of 2022

Many of these gaming apps are more detailed, engaging, and in-depth than some of the titles available for PC and consoles. If you're in search of a few new mobile games to add to your arsenal, check out a few of the fun and diverse selections listed below.


Wordle!, developed by Goldfinch Studios, is a free, timer-based word game that is becoming popular in early 2022. Every day, you get a secret five-letter word that you have to guess. You'll get six guesses to discover the word, and after each guess, the individual letters are marked with different colors. Green means that the letter is correct and in the right spot, yellow means it's in the word, but in the wrong place, and gray tells you that it's completely incorrect.

Each day, every Wordle! player across the globe gets the same word, which is chosen randomly from a database of 2,315 words. That means that if you're active on social media, you have to be careful not to have the day's word spoiled for you accidentally. Overall, though, Wordle! is a simple, mentally stimulating game that will provide you a little dose of fun each day and leave you wanting more.


Since its original release in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the most widely known and played games in the world. The unique sandbox-style game, developed by Mojang Studios, costs $6.99 to download. In Minecraft, you explore and customize a big world of blocky 3D animation. You can extract raw materials from the terrain, craft various tools and items, and design homes, buildings, and machines. The only real limit you'll encounter is your imagination in this world. Whether you want to build a majestic castle, discover and furnish an underground cave, or create weapons to fend off the attacks of computer-controlled mobs, you have the means to do it all.

Minecraft features a Survival game mode, in which you must acquire resources and construct a shelter to protect your health bar from various threats. Alternatively, in Creative Mode, you have unlimited resources and the ability to fly around the map without having to worry about maintaining your health. There's even a multiplayer mode where you can communicate and interact with other players on the same map. The only downside to Minecraft is that you might accidentally play it for six hours straight without even realizing it!

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a free endless runner game developed by Kiloo. In the game, you play the role of an illegal graffiti artist who just got caught in the act by an inspector and his dog. Now, you've got to sprint, jump, and surf on hoverboards through railroad tracks to make your escape. While running for your life, you'll have to swipe up, down, left, or right to avoid smashing into obstacles or getting hit by moving subways. If you collide with anything or get caught by the inspector, it's game over.

Along the track, you can collect coins, keys (extra lives), points multipliers, and numerous items to enhance your characters, like super sneakers, jetpacks, power jumpers, and more. Ultimately, Subway Surfers is all about topping your high score and improving on it as much as you can. If you don't make any mistakes, the game will theoretically go on forever; as a result, it gets incredibly addictive trying to one-up yourself continually. Eventually, the gameplay gets repetitive, but it provides plenty of enjoyment before that happens.

Geometry Dash

What could be better than combining shapes with gaming? Although the idea of a game centered around geometry may give you flashbacks of high school, Geometry Dash by RobTop Games is quite a bit of fun to play. Plus, it doesn't require that you do any actual math. The game, which is a bargain at $1.99, consists of an obstacle course filled with various shapes and dangers that you must traverse. With your customized character, you'll fly, flip, and jump through many unique platforms and challenging levels.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash is rhythm-based and features one-touch controls, and each level has its unique soundtrack to enhance the action. You can even create and share your custom levels and unlock rewards and achievements along the way. The game isn't as educational as the name suggests, but its fast-paced, exciting gameplay is well worth the price.

Text or Die

Text or Die by [Rollic Games] is a fun, free typing game with a twist. The game provides you with prompts, and you have to type out the most extended answers you can come up with. The longer your answers are, the bigger your word tower will get, and the safer it will be from the constantly rising waters and the sharks lurking beneath. You compete against multiple opponents in online tournaments, and whoever can keep their tower standing the longest will be the victor.

As you play, you'll unlock new characters, items, and word blocks. There's no need to panic if you get stumped on a question; you can always ask for a hint to keep your tower going. Text or Die is an enjoyable, competitive way to practice your mobile typing and expand your vocabulary. The ads can become annoying at times, but that's only a minor complaint about a unique, educational trivia game.

Stardew Valley

If you've ever longed for the simple life of a farmer, you can always simulate that lifestyle with Stardew Valley. Developed by ConcernedApe and available for $4.99, the award-winning farming RPG offers 50+ hours of engaging gameplay. You start the game by creating your custom character and purchasing a small home and a plot of land to build your farm on. At the start, your farmland will be covered with boulders, stumps, trees, and weeds, and it's your job to clear them out, plant crops, and raise livestock. The goal is to generate revenue that you can use to expand and improve your farm.

Stardew Valley is a complete RPG; in addition to growing your farm, you can interact with NPCs around town, embark on various quests, and develop multiple beneficial skills. For only $4.99, you're getting a ton of content for your money. The game takes some time to become invested in, but you won't want to put it down once you do.

8 Ball Pool

Everyone loves shooting a game of pool with friends, but you no longer have to go to the local dive bar or pool hall to do so. With the free 8 Ball Pool app published by Miniclip, you can jump right into a 3D round of billiards with your buddies or strangers across the globe. The app offers several different types of tables and balls to choose from, which lends some variety to the gameplay. You can either challenge someone to a one-on-one match or enter online tournaments to see how far you can get. As you win games, your rank will increase, and you'll earn coins to spend on custom items and upgrades. 8 Ball Pool could benefit from a couple of unique game modes or an offline option, but it serves its purpose well and offers a great way to practice your pool-shooting skills.

Five Nights at Freddy's

If you enjoy horror games and jump-scares, you won't want to miss out on Five Nights at Freddy's. The popular PC game is now available on your mobile device, and you can download it for just $2.99. You play the role of the nighttime security guard at a Chuck E. Cheese-style pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and all you need to do is make it through your graveyard shift. However, there's one problem: the animatronic characters have come to life and want to kill you.

By monitoring your security cameras and hallways, you've got to keep tabs on the lurking creatures and prevent them from infiltrating your little office. You have a limited supply of electricity, which you use to control the lights and doors keeping you safe. Each night's shift accounts for one level. Do you have what it takes to make it through all five nights at Freddy's?

Stay Entertained Anywhere, Anytime

Nowadays, mobile gaming comprises just about every genre and style of game that you could ever hope for. Whether you're into action, adventure, educational, horror, or role-playing games, there are a variety of excellent titles that will be a fit for your interests. With so many engaging gaming experiences at your fingertips, the limits of when and where you can play are a thing of the past. Waiting at the dentist's office? That's an excellent time for some gaming. Sitting in the passenger seat on a long drive? Even better. Put simply; there's no excuse for boredom anymore, now that gaming is always an option.


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