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Whether you're a creative person who would love to get paid for making videos, or you're just someone who enjoys watching awesome content, you'll want to give the Rumble app a try. The free video-sharing app, developed by Rumble Inc, offers a unique alternative in a space that has been dominated by YouTube for years.

Rumble is far from just a YouTube or Vimeo clone, though. Unlike other hubs for creators, Rumble offers a whopping four separate methods that you can use to profit from uploading and sharing your work.

Product Features

Just like with any other video-sharing platform you're used to, Rumble allows you to upload and stream your video content. If you're a vlogger or content creator, you can build a channel on the app, and those who like what you're producing can subscribe and vote for your videos. On the other hand, if you're not into uploading videos and just want to watch some entertaining content, that's fine too. You can follow the creators you like the most and vote for all of your favorite videos. You can also watch live streams, comment on videos, and easily share the best content with your friends and family.

"The perfect YouTube alternative."

If you use Rumble to upload videos, you'll have four potential options for profiting off of that content. The first option is to opt for a share of the ad revenue that your video makes. This is very similar to how it works on YouTube; the more times that the ads on your content are viewed, the higher your earnings will be. If you build a substantial following or upload anything that goes viral, this should bring a nice flow of profits your way.

Another option for making money on Rumble is to give the platform exclusive rights to your video. You'll be paid an amount up to $1,000 (depending on the video). However, you'll be giving up your ownership of the content. As soon as you accept the payment, Rumble will be the exclusive owner of any uploads. Alternatively, you can choose to grant Rumble the non-exclusive rights to your video. If you do that, you'll still be the one who owns the video, but Rumble and its



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