Have you ever wanted to play a unique, engaging RPG right on your phone? If so, Dislyte is the next mobile game you should play. In this urban mythological RPG, you can enter a surreal, visually stunning world of gods, heroes, and monsters. Developed by Lilith Games, Dislyte is an immersive game with a compelling, in-depth storyline and hours upon hours of diverse and exciting gameplay. These days, mobile games are starting to truly rival PC and console games in terms of quality and complexity, and Dislyte is a perfect example of that fact.

Product Features

Dislyte takes place in a sinister world where evil creatures are hell-bent on destroying the world. Thankfully, ordinary people have been awakened and transformed into god-like beings with divine powers, and it's up to you to gather them so that they can stand up to the monsters and thwart their destruction.

Dislyte has a stylish, urban theme blended with unique mythology, making this RPG both original and epic. The game's heroes, known as Espers, receive their abilities and divine powers from the gods of various mythologies worldwide, including China, Egypt, Greece, and Northern Europe. Depending on which gods the Espers receive their magical power from, they'll have different appearances and personalities. So, you can create a very diverse squad of heroes to take into battle.

Putting together your formidable team of Espers is a big part of Dislyte, but there's more to the game than just that. The game also features deep, strategic gameplay that keeps it fresh, stimulating, and challenging. As various monsters attack the world's lively cities, you'll need to determine the best way to defend them. Each battle and situation will be different, so you'll need to think on your feet and make wise strategical decisions to keep the cities safe and intact. There's also tactical thinking required when deciding how to utilize your Espers. They each have their powers and abilities, and as you play, you'll get a feel for the most effective ways to use your squad. Throughout the game, you'll fight several epic bosses in turn-based battles with your team.

Beyond the gameplay itself, a big part of what makes Dislyte unique is the way it looks and sounds. The game has a vivid, colorful aesthetic with smooth animation that will practically leap off your phone's screen. The cities you'll navigate in the mythical world also feature bright, neon lights, which match up perfectly with the smooth city soundscapes found around



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