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NGL: anonymous q&a

The NGL: anonymous q&a app is an Instagram add-on developed by DeepMoji, and it has taken the social media world by storm since its release. Typically on Instagram, there's very little anonymity, as everyone posts under their own usernames. As a result, people aren't always as honest or open as they might be if there wasn't a fear of embarrassment, shame, or unwanted drama. With the NGL (Not Gonna Lie) app, your followers on the popular social media app will be able to interact with you anonymously, allowing for more truthful, unfiltered conversations and interactions.

Product Features

The NGL: anonymous q&a app is pretty straightforward to use. The lifestyle app provides you with an NGL link that you can share directly with your Instagram followers. When someone taps that link, it will take them to a screen where they can send you anonymous messages, which will go directly to your NGL inbox. However, the NGL app isn't just about your friends and followers sending you random anonymous messages; the best way to have fun with the app is to produce fun prompts.

"A fun and safe way to express yourself."

There are a variety of ways you can use the NGL app to interact with your Instagram followers. One popular option is to use it as a conversation starter, allowing you to learn a little bit more about the people who follow you on social media. For example, you might ask people to send you their guilty pleasure song, movie, or most embarrassing moment. Some users will post this-or-that questions for their followers, like taking an impromptu, anonymous poll. If you want, you could even use the app to settle an argument or a bet with a friend or family member. If you think that pineapple on pizza is gross, but your best friend thinks it's delicious, you can resolve the debate by having your followers send you their anonymous opinions.

Another use of the NGL app is asking slightly more scandalous questions. If you're in school, you might ask your followers to send you their secret crush or the latest hot gossip. Alternatively, if you're brave enough, you can request that people send you their opinions of you or maybe one thing they like about you and one thing they don't. In truth, the possibilities are endless for how you can use the app to interact with your followers. If you want, you can leave your NGL link on your Instagram bio, allowing people to send anonymous messages on any topic


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