Pinterest takes the idea of an image board and stretches it to new lengths by allowing people to save exciting links they find on the internet in the form of images. After its launch in 2009, Pinterest quickly became popular with users looking to share unique websites, ideas, recipes, and other information. By early 2021, the site had nearly five hundred million active monthly users worldwide making it one of the best lifestyle apps around.

Pinterest works by presenting users with a form that links out to other websites. The difference between this and a regular list of links is that Pinterest creates "pinboards," pages containing nothing but images that contain the links. Clicking on the image will take browsers to the external website, and it's also possible to add text notes that go along with the image.

Recently, the popular lifestyle app has focused on embedding shopping and other financial transactions into the app experience, making the app a great way to find new clothes, furniture, or other accessories.

Product Features

At the core of Pinterest is its pinboard function. The pinboard allows users to create "boards" of images they can browse at any time. Each of these images can be a link out to another website.

Pinterest is also a social media app. Instead of just posting their boards, users can browse those created by others. This is the feature that makes Pinterest shine. The fashion-conscious can find out the latest fashion trends by following clued-in users. Likewise, those who want to know the newest makeup trends can see an accessible visual collection curated by an expert. Even historians and scientists can use Pinterest to share and organize their research.

Finally, it's possible to save items from other users' boards. If someone is looking at new clothing ideas, for example, they can browse through other users' pinboards and save the images they like the most to their own. This gives each user the power to effortlessly build collections of pictures unique to their tastes and needs.

A newer feature on the Pinterest app is the "Pinterest Lens." This feature lets users take a picture of something with their mobile device and find related pins. For example, if someone sees a dress that's interesting in a storefront window but isn't quite what they're looking for,



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