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The sendit - get it now app, developed by fullsenders, inc., will completely transform how you interact with your friends and followers on Snapchat. Obviously, Snapchat is a fun app, and there's a reason it has become one of the world's most popular media-sharing platforms. Exchanging media is always a good time, but with the standard Snapchat app, there aren't many other ways to interact with your contacts. However, when you install the sendit app, you can immediately start playing games and connect with your online community.

Product Features

The sendit app works exclusively as a Snapchat add-on, and it's all about playing interactive augmented reality games with your friends, family members, and followers. The app features a variety of different games to choose from, but the majority of them are based around asking funny or thought-provoking questions. For example, you might pose a question to your contacts such as "would you rather kill me or marry me?". Then, your friends on the app will view your question and send in their answers, which you'll see as anonymous responses in your sendit inbox. Some of the other games will be fun classics like Never Have I Ever, This or That, Smash or Pass, Rate Me, Roast Me, and more. With some of the games and questions, you'll need to have a thick skin and be able to laugh at yourself. But, as long as you don't take things too personally, you'll have a blast.

"The sendit app works exclusively as a Snapchat add-on, but it's all about playing lens games with your friends, family members, and followers."

Users of the sendit app have the option of upgrading to the Diamond membership, which comes with a variety of added benefits. For one, as a premium member, the app will give you hints about which of your friends sent the answers you've received. They'll still be anonymous, but the little clues add the extra fun and intrigue of trying to play detective. Upgrading to diamond membership also unlocks an entirely ad-free experience and gives you a sweet limited edition app icon. Last but not least, your upgraded membership will give you access to several exclusive sendit games.

"With a Diamond Membership, other access exclusive in-app features."

When it comes to any kind of anonymous online game intended for young people, safety has to be paramount. Because of the nature of the app, sendit features certain precautions to ensure that


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