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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a puzzle RPG based on the Dragon Ball anime by Toei Animation and manga by Akira Toriyama. Beginners can quest through all the different stories within the Dragon Ball universe, collect the seven dragon balls and summon Shenron or Porunga, and receive massive rewards. Dokkan brings a new story to the DB universe. In this story, you play as Trunks. After a mysterious figure creates a temporal distortion, Trunks travels through time to repair it and chases this figure through the past and different timelines. Dokkan provides years of gameplay that stretch back to 2015. Players can collect thousands of characters across the franchise with many obscure variations.

Product Features

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle features characters that are from other video games. The game’s gatcha system is regularly adding new characters that are available through in-game events. Characters are rated through a letter system from most common to rarest: N, R, SR, SSR, UR, LR. Players construct a team of fighters used to progress the story. Each character comes with its own unique powers and skills. Characters can also benefit from being in the same teams, providing buffs or unique attacks.

Dokkan Battle is not your average fighting game. It combines a matching system called “ki” that inflects damage relative to the number of like-colored “ki” orbs. Characters fall into three classes of power, Int, physical, rainbow, agility, tech, and strength. “Ki” bubbles are also colored this way, but with an additional orb in a rainbow color, which is wild. Dokkan Battle also uses a dungeon-like system where the character travels along a path. The game then presents three different numbers for the player to select. The character travels along the path, often going over power-ups, Ki, and enemy attacks until the final boss battle.

Missions come in three difficulty levels and items. Character advancement consists of a training session and an evolution system elevating your characters to limitless power. Training sessions are just interesting enough to keep you engaged. The system allows players to select training partners and locations for the leveled character. Each training partner and training location bring different buffs to the session. Dokkan Battle also includes storylines from DBZ, GT, and movies. Dragon ball fans will enjoy the music and graphics.

The Bottom Line

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a must for Dragon Ball fans! Fans will enjoy the engaging stories and events and collect characters from their favorite stories. This free-to-play



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