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Royal Match

If you enjoy puzzle and planning games, you will find plenty of great mobile applications in the genre. One of the most popular games in the genre is Royal Match. Royal Match works for Android and iOS. It is a good choice for those who enjoy strategy games, royal themes, and colorful graphics.

Dream Games Ltd. released Royal Match as a puzzle game to keep users busy on a mobile application. With Royal Match, you have to think carefully about your strategies and weigh your limitations against your chances to win. This makes it a challenging and entertaining game that can be played on the go. Below, we will review Royal Match in-depth so you can decide if it sounds like an application you want to download!

Product Features

Royal Match is a newer game, first hitting the application store in 2021. It already has over 40,000 downloads and 5-star ratings from most users. Royal Match also has an upbeat, oddly addicting soundtrack and a fun, quirky backdrop. After installing the game, you will match tiles, earn gold stars, and decorate a colorful castle. The goal is to build and decorate King Robert’s castle as you level up. The clean artwork and attention to detail set Royal Match apart from other tile-matching games in the puzzle genre!

Features of Royal Match

  • *Clean interface
  • *Cute colorful design
  • *Smooth graphics and animations
  • *User-friendly
  • *Puzzle game
  • *Free-to-play with in-app purchases

Indeed, Royal Match is all about puzzles and planning. You need to choose color sequences and objects on a board to get the perfect score and earn rewards. You do this by matching three or more colored objects in order. This lets you progress through the levels. With Royal Match, users also have a move limit. As such, they have to complete tasks within the movement limitations. The higher the level you reach, the more difficult tasks become. There are also bonus levels that allow you to earn extra rewards or buy upgrades.

Lots of people really enjoy the graphics of Royal Match. Everything is very colorful and cartoonish in a cutesy way. The game has various animations that are interesting and little to no lag. On newer smartphones, this game runs very smoothly. The interface is informative and user-friendly. So, you will not get confused as you learn how to play. In general, the graphics are great, and the GUI is nice. Most find it aesthetically appealing!

As many users know, some tile-matching games can get redundant. Royal Match does a great job of adding ample variety and complexity to the available title combinations. This keeps things



Game Info

Platforms: iOSGoogle Play Store


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