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If you've ever played PUBG: Battlegrounds, Fortnite, or any other battle royale game, you know just how addicting they can be. If you're on the go and need to get your battle royale fix but can't wait to get home to your PC or console, you're in luck. PUBG Mobile packs the same thrilling, last-man-standing action as the beloved PC game, and it's 100% free. And just like the original version, the mobile app features a variety of maps and game modes for a diverse gameplay experience.

Product Features

If you're playing a survival shooter game like PUBG Mobile, there's a pretty good chance you'll be playing the primary battle royale game mode. In these ten-minute, 100-player matches, you start by parachuting down onto one of several remote island maps. You get to choose where you land, and many players are strategic about their starting points.

"PUBG MOBILE features a variety of maps and game modes for a diverse gameplay experience."

You can either play solo or in a team of two or four, but regardless of which you choose, your goal will be to stay alive as long as possible. Whether you achieve that goal by killing hordes of adversaries or hiding behind a rock is entirely up to you. As the game progresses, a giant blue border will begin closing in on the map, constantly shrinking the safe zone. If you get caught within the blue wall, you'll start quickly losing health, potentially until you die.

The terrain around you will hide a wide variety of powerful weapons and gear to aid you in your survival. Oftentimes, the strongest upgrades will be tucked away within the most dangerous areas of the map. So, you have to decide how much you're willing to risk to get your hands on that high-powered sniper rifle. You know what they say: No risk, no reward. Luck also comes into play, as planes will occasionally fly overhead and drop care packages, which contain special equipment. If you happen to be nearby when one lands, it can provide you with a major advantage over your opponents. You must stay alert at all times, though; occasionally, random red zones will appear around you and be abruptly barraged with bombs.

"PUBG MOBILE also features fully customizable controls, built-in voice chat, and even a training mode..."

You'll notice quickly that PUBG Mobile boasts a smooth playing experience, and that's because it was designed



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