PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State

Battle Royale


After its release in July 2016, the PC battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds quickly became one of the most popular computer games in history. Roughly five years later, the game's developer, PUBG Studios, decided to finally bring the thrilling last-man-standing gameplay experience to your mobile device. Granted, PUBG: New State is more than just PUBG: Battlegrounds condensed down for your phone; instead, it's a new, futuristic version of what the original game offered.

PUBG: New State, which Krafton published, was officially released on November 11, 2021. Although the mobile game maintains the primary concept that gamers love with Battlegrounds, New State brings several unique twists and new features to the table.

Game Features

The primary game mode within PUBG: New State is Battle Royale, in which up to 100 players are simultaneously dropped onto a remote island called TROI. You can choose either free-for-all mode or teams of four, and once you touch down, the fight for survival begins. Your goal will be to take down your opponents and survive as long as possible, and the weapons, equipment, and vehicles you find while darting around the map will aid you in that objective. Ultimately, the winner will be the very last player or team left alive.

The game takes place in 2051, so there are several brand-new futuristic features. You'll find advanced customizable weapons, drones that can deliver you items, trams for moving throughout the map in style, and powerful ballistic shields. The gameplay map, TROI, has a very futuristic feel to it as well, which is evident in the buildings, architecture, and monuments it contains. Some of the in-game vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, speedboats, buggies, and gliders, also have a distinctly innovative appearance.

Another cool new feature is the recruiting system. You can respawn any downed player you come across during the game. If they're on your team, they can jump back into the battle, but if they're on an opposing team, you can recruit them to fight for your squad! However, this only works if you've lost other team members, as your team can't ever have more than four active survivors at a time.

PUBG: New State also offers a four-on-four Team Deathmatch game mode. For these matches, you'll be fighting in an abandoned subway station instead of a futuristic island. Whichever team reaches 40 kills first or racks up the most kills in 10 minutes will claim the round, and the first squad to emerge victorious in two rounds will take home the win. During this game mode, you'll have 20% of your health restored every time you kill an opponent; this makes prolonged killing sprees much more attainable and


Game Info

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