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Ever wonder what it is like to slap a random stranger on the street and run off? No? Just me? Well, whether you have or not, the free-to-play game Slap and Run gives you the chance to do it over and over again, but without the (deserved) consequences of slapping a stranger in reality. This irreverent game continues the long-standing tradition of using video games to have fun safely. Since being released in October of 2021 by app developer Voodoo, Slap and Run has become a popular pastime for mobile gamers.

The animated game allows you, as you may have guessed, to run up to people on the street, slap them, and try to escape unscathed. Keep in mind cops are out and about searching for the menace who's been terrorizing the neighborhood. If you aren't careful, you might get caught and have your slapping spree brought to an untimely end.

Product Features

The gameplay of Slap and Run is straightforward, but it can hook you pretty quickly. Your character starts off running along the streets of a very basic-looking city. The primary goal is to go on a slapping frenzy as you run through waves of pedestrians, bicyclists, and police officers. Every time you slap someone, they'll immediately begin chasing you down; however, the game provides obstacles, speed-boosters, and other powerups that assist you in escaping mob justice.

Occasionally, you'll come across little green buttons on the ground, which will trigger a giant boxing glove that knocks out a bunch of the people trailing you. You'll also hit speed ramps now and then, which give you a quick boost and create some separation between you and your pursuers. You can even gain significant speed enhancements by pulling off impressive slapping combos within short periods.

While you're sprinting through the streets, you also have to keep your eyes peeled for the circular buzz saws scattered throughout the map. Running into one of these results in a swift end to your slapping rampage.

As you play the game, you'll move through one level after another, each one offering more obstacles, boosts, and people to slap. At the end of every run, you'll encounter one pedestrian who's larger than the others; to complete the level, you must deliver this pedestrian a powerful running kick. The farther the pedestrian flies, the more points you earn.

Slap and Run features an in-game currency system, which you can earn from finishing levels and watching advertisements. You can use the coins you accumulate to increase your acceleration, improve the strength of your kicks, and earn future coins at a faster rate.

The Bottom Line

Slap and Run is a silly game. However, that doesn't mean it's not entertaining. There's not much depth to it, but it's easy to learn and a fantastic time-killer. Once you start playing, you might



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