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Subway Surfers

Are you a fan of infinite runner games with tight gameplay and simple controls? These arcade games leave you pushing for a new high score every time you play! Subway Surfers is perfect if you are looking for your next addictive infinite runner game. Subway Surfers has aesthetically pleasing animation, lots of charm, and various elements that implement familiar gameplay mechanics. Plus, it has enough content to keep you coming back. You can play consistently without the game getting redundant.

Product Features

The gameplay of Subway Surfers is not complicated. Just steer your character with swipes and avoid upcoming obstacles. All the while, you can collect power-ups and coins. The developers of this game added a bunch of extra tricks as well. For instance, there is a no-crash hoverboard power-up and many platforms that move around to challenge your runs and strategy.

Overall, this is your standard infinite runner game with a challenging design, plenty of attractive details, and a good balance of fun and entertainment. It is a good option for kids or adults!

Subway Surfers Features:

  • *Bright, colorful graphics
  • *Simple controls
  • *New challenges
  • *Free application with ads
  • *Fun, entertaining design
  • *Exciting runner-style gameplay
  • *Customization options
  • *Links with Facebook for leaderboards

The graphics of the Subway Surfers game are colorful and bright. There is plenty of cute, cartoony art that kids or adults can appreciate. The colors are bright with three-dimensional accents and a visually pleasing color scheme. Overall, the graphics are pretty good for this application.

Surprisingly, there are numerous customization options to choose from. These options are unlockable with in-game currency and collectible items. You will have various costumes, characters, and cosmetic options, which lets you add a personal touch as you complete challenges and try to get a new high score.

The music of this game is pretty standard for an infinite runner application. The audio is upbeat and doesn't necessarily get in the way of gameplay. Apps and microtransactions are present as well, as you'd expect from a free-to-play mobile application. On the bright side, you will get rewarded for viewing ads and can gain keys and other Collectibles. So, the ads aren't entirely annoying.

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